Locomotive No. 3

The History Behind No. 3

The source of this information is Canadian Pacific Corporate Archives, and the late Gordon Younger tracked this down through the courtesy of the late Omar Lavallée, former Corporate Archivist at Canadian Pacific.

Most of you will probably be surprised at a few things, notably the cost when No. 3 was purchased by CP, and that when received by CP, No. 3 had to be shipped through the U.S. because the CPR line north of Lake Superior was not yet completed. Most interesting, though, is that No. 3’s service included nearly 10 years of working out West in the Canadian Rockies, from 1898 to 1908.

History of Steam Engine No 3

CP No. 22 at Rat Portage (Kenora) circa 1886, courtesy CP Corporate Archives

CP’s Locomotive Stock Book (1883 - circa 1900) includes their file description of No. 3:

Class: 17” X 24”, 62” 8 - wheeled
Builder: Dübs & Company 1882, builder No. 1572
Received: April 1882
Cost: $10,220; Duty $2,555. Total cost: $12,755
- Straight steel boiler, 50” shell; 154 tubes, 2” diameter
- 56” wrought iron driving wheel centers
- Steel guides; cast steel crossheads
- 2 injectors
- 8’ 6” centers of drivers
- 28” wrought iron spoke engine truck wheels, steel axles
- 33” wrought iron spoke tender truck wheels, steel axles
- Wrought iron crank pins, case hardened

 2,270 gallons
Weight, working order: 82,500 lbs.
From the CP files is No. 3’s assignment record:

1882 April Received from Dübs & Company, Glasgow, Scotland. 4-4-0 type, 17” X 24” cylinders, 62” driving wheels, Builder’s serial number 1572. Assigned CPR road number 22 (Series I); no class assigned. Shipped to Western Division via Chicago, St. Paul and Emerson, account CPR line around Lake Superior not completed until 1885.
1882 – 1902 No locomotive assignment records in existence, but a photograph taken about 1886 shows the locomotive at Rat Portage (Kenora). Repair records from CP Corporate Archives show No. 22 received repairs during this period at Fort William and Kenora. Sometime after June 1897 No. 22 was moved to the Pacific Division as the first noted repair was done in Kamloops in 1898.
1903 Jan. - July In service Sicamous Jct. to Okanagan Landing
Aug. - Sept. Shown as “under repair”
Oct. - Nov. In service at North Bend
Dec. In service at Vancouver
1904 Jan. - Aug. In service out of Vancouver
Sept. - Dec. In service out of Kamloops
1905 Locomotive assignment record not in existence.
1906 Jan. - Apr. In service at Kamloops
May - Dec. In service at Revelstoke, mostly on Arrowhead Branch
1907 Jan. - June In service at Revelstoke
July - Sept. In service at Kamloops
Oct. - Dec. In service at Vancouver
Dec. 10 Renumbered 133, class A51 (Series II)
1908 Jan. - Mar. In service at Vancouver
Apr. - May In service at Kamloops
June In service at North Bend
July - Oct. In service at Vancouver
Nov. Shown as “en route to Winnipeg”
Dec. In service at Winnipeg
1909 Jan. - Dec. In service at Winnipeg all year
July Equipped with new CPR standard boiler to drawing 13 L 173, but not superheated.
1910 - 1912 In service at Winnipeg
1912 Sept. 5 Renumbered 63 temporarily. Class A51
1913 Jan. - June In service at Winnipeg
July - Sept. In service at Fort William
Oct. 5 Renumbered 86, Class A21 (Series III)
Oct. - Nov. In service at Fort William
Dec. In service at Kenora
1914 & 1915 In service all year at Fort William
1916 Jan. - Feb. In service at Kenora
March In service at Ignace
Apr. - June In service at Kenora
July - Aug. In service at Winnipeg
Sept. - Dec. Laid up at Winnipeg
1917 Jan. - Apr. Laid up at Winnipeg
May - Dec. Leased to City of Winnipeg for $10.00 per day
1918 Jan. - Oct. Leased to City of Winnipeg for $10.00 per day.
Nov. 1st Sold to City of Winnipeg for $9,000.

Steam Engine 103-1923

No. 3 circa 1923Steam Engine 1959

October 1959